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Website Design and Website Redo by Advance Your Listing, Cory George, Website Designer. This website BackEnd SEO was created to attract Businesses that are in need of a good evaluation of their website. Testing and looking for errors in an website is needed to produce an accurate survey of a website for improvements. Once this is completed, the owner of the website can determine how to proceed.  If your website is a Content Management System, like Word Press, they you know that the backend SEO is very important.  Know your integrated parts of the website theme is critical to the success of the ranking of the website.  There are so many areas that can be properly fine tuned to meet all the Search Engine Optimization requirements for coming up for specific keywords. 

Without good SEO you cannot rank on Page 1 for the keywords you want to show up for.  There are so many SEO techniques that can help you get the success you want.  Building a good SEO program in your website take a great deal of time.  If you do not have the funds to hire a full time Marketing Consultant on your staff.  They take the opportunity to hire a true professional who has been working on websites for over 15 years.  

If you need a Website Developer to make all the corrections in your website,  it would be a good idea to hire a professional SEO Consultant like Cory George of Advance Your Listing.  She specializes in Word Press and can correct your website errors.  Or if you need backlinks,  she will take care of that too. Be sure to visit