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Security Systems Beaver Creek Ohio – Accurate.  They are experts at installing new security systems or they can service your existing alarm system.  The security system can include everything from indoor or outdoor security cameras.  These systems can also include motion detectors, audio and video equipment and recorders.  Many of the newer systems even will send you a signal to your smart phone, tablet or computer.

Your Business can now become a Smart Business.  It is predicted that the United States will see the Security System Industry double in the next decade.  If your home has a system that was installed many years ago, it may be time to do an on-site evaluation and  do some upgrades. With all the new technology in the market, your Business may need a new Smart Security System.  Most of the newer systems use the cellular connections, as they are more reliable than the older ones.  If you lose traditional phone line connections, or if you lose electricity, the cellular system will work better for plenty of time to alert your security company if you have a problem.

You may ask what is a Smart Business Alarm.  We know that the new systems installed have the “All-In-One-Apps” they will let you monitor your business using portable devices.  The systems is truly smart.  It will handle security, video monitoring, motion detection, remote access and security automation features such as programming the lighting.  You may have seen the commercials on television.  Our favorite one is the family is away from home and they are expecting their children to turn off the lights and lock the house before they leave.  Then you see the Father, looking at this cell phone and he can see the lights were not turned off and the doors were not locked, and with a push of the button, turns off the TV, he locks every door and turns out the lights.  We love that commercial.  Now that is a Smart Home.

Smart Security Systems is now more affordable.  Be sure to give Accurate Fire Pro a phone call and a custom quote can be provided for you over the phone or at your location.

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