Lynnwood WA Theft Lawyer

Theft in the Third Degree by Marke Schnackenberg Lawyer in Lynnwood Washington. This website is very good as describing what theft in the third degree is all about.  Marke Schnackenberg has over 20 years of legal expertise.  As a previous prosecutor, he knows exactly what the  prosecutor is doing and what he or she is looking for to get you to jail.

Shoplifting is many times done when a person is possibly confused or makes a bad decision. It is a decision that can effect your life for a very long time.  Marke Schnackenberg has helped over 300 persons fight these charges.  If you have been charged with shoplifting, felony theft, identity theft, robbery, theft in the second degree, embezzlement, trafficking in stolen property don’t hesitate to call and discuss your case.

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