The Dave Matthews Band has updated their website.  We really like it the new look.  Really like the history section.  For those who are fans of Dave Matthews, its nice to learn more about the details of the early years.

The Band is also known by the initialism DMB. The band was formed in Charlotteville, Virginia in 1991. Their Genres are Rock, Jam Band, Jazz Fusion, Folk Rock, Funk Rock, Pop Rock, and Alternative Rock.

When you visit their website, they have News, Tour Schedule, Music, Photos, Videos, Setlists, information about their Bama Green Project. They are big on the environmental action.

Dave Matthews Band is a world re-known band.  They travel all over the United States.  They have shows planned for Brazil, Guadalajara, JAL, Mexico, Cancun and Australia.

Charitable Events are also planned.  The website shows past events that shows that this band is also big on helping out when funds are needed in areas that are hit by hurricanes, parks, schools, orphaned children, flooded relief areas and much more.

Like to listen to their videos?  The website also has some of their hits on the website.  You can also visit their You Tube Channel.

You can learn a lot more about this great band by visiting the website.