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Domestic Violence Attorney Los Angeles – Esfandi Law Group

For the past 2 decades Seppi Esfandi and Esfandi Law Group have been the industry leader when it comes to many different areas of law in Southern California. Seppi Esfandi has a winning record when it comes to defending Criminal Law as well as Domestic Violence Cases. No matter the details of your case Seppi Esfandi and his team of lawyers will prepare a suitable defense for you, in many situations your case will never even reach trial. Seppi and his staff have a tremendous rate of success when it comes to getting cases thrown out.

If you have already been charged we can sit down with you and discuss the facts regarding your case and find a way to have this case thrown right out and you can go back to living a normal life free of criminal charges and the stress that stems from being out on bail. Seppi Esfandi has 2 decades of experience working in every single courthouse in Los Angeles County. Seppi has a great working relationship with all of the judges and district attorneys. Having such a wonderful working relationship means that you and your case will never be to far out of the judge and district attorney’s minds.

Domestic Violence Attorney Los Angeles – Esfandi Law Group

This ensures that we have an open line of communication and we can reach out to them and let them know the facts that we have found so that they make think twice about taking your case to trial. We cannot guarantee that your case will be thrown out but in fact, many of the cases we do take on are removed or thrown out for lack of evidence.  If somehow the district attorney feels like they have a strong enough case to take to trial we have extensive experience in trial law and usually win our cases. Seppi Esfandi has a career-winning record in criminal defense as well as domestic violence cases.

When you are up against domestic violence charges you can feel like you are up against the wall but Seppi Esfandi has all of the experience needed to make those walls crumble. Esfandi Law Group is one of the most elite firms you can find. Esfandi Law Group is widely recognized as the premier legal advocate in Los Angeles County. There are no cases to small or no case to big for us. We can handle any type of criminal case and even have handled many white-collar crimes and had the ability to make them disappear.

Our LA domestic violence attorneys know that being arrested can be a very frightening experience and can trigger PTSD for years to come. If you are currently in custody we will do whatever we can to get you home to your family as quickly as possible.  A negative outcome in a domestic violence case could mean permanent changes to how you live and your prospects for getting a good job or running for public office.

Domestic Violence Attorney Los Angeles – Esfandi Law Group

If you are found guilty of committing domestic violence you will not be able to own a firearm in California. You also can lose your right to vote as well as many other negatives. The first step towards getting your defense together is calling our office today and set up a time where we can sit down with you and discuss the details around your case. We will quickly put together an action plan and get started talking to your witnesses and finding what loopholes we can see and get you out of this is quickly as possible.

One thing to take into account when dealing with a court case is the sooner we can get you out of this. Saying that experience matters in a case like domestic violence is an understatement. Our team will put together our own discovery and hire private investigators if need be. One thing you should not do if you have been arrested for domestic violence is contact the victims in the state of California even if you are released on bail you will be barred from speaking to the victims.

The benefit of hiring us to be your legal defense team is we can speak to the victims and find out if they even want to testify against you. Just because you were arrested doesn’t mean you are guilty. What separates us from other domestic violence law offices in Los Angeles is that we have never prosecuted cases.

Domestic Violence Attorney Los Angeles – Esfandi Law Group

We have made our entire career about defense rights and feel that for far to long an arrest has always implied that you are guilty and we have seen far to many people be slandered for domestic violence cases. We will do everything we can to protect your rights today tomorrow and forever. Seppi Esfandi is the aggressive and efficient legal representation that you need to prevail in cases like this. Seppi Esfandi is an award-wining litigator with over 2 decades of experience. We will always go the extra mile to make sure you get the justice that you need and deserve.

As soon as you are aware that you are a suspect in a criminal investigation, or immediately after you are arrested, it is important to contact Seppi Esfandi. Even if you have not been charged yet but you feel like charges are looming you should contact us. There are many avenues you can take to protect your rights long before you are charged. Simply give us a call today for a free consultation and we will help you get started defending your rights.

Seppi will fight to protect your Constitutional rights through every step of the criminal process and will work tirelessly to secure the best possible case result on your behalf. When your life is on the line don’t go with a less experienced lawyer go with someone like Seppi who has a winning record and a tremendous record when it comes to defending even the most high profile domestic violence LA cases. We hope to hear from you soon give us a call today.

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