Carpet Repair Directory

AA1Carpet Repair Directory is now open for new listings from carpet cleaning companies and carpet repairmen thru out the United States.  If you are in the business of carpet cleaning, send us your website information and we will consider it for a listing.  We only accept websites that are in good standing, with good reviews.

Or maybe you have pet damage.  Pet damage to your carpets can be very serious.  Do you have areas where your pet has urinated on the carpet.  Maybe it’s time to check the padding under the carpet.  These areas can breed mold and smells that can make your home unpleasant to the sensitive nose of your guests.  It not that expensive to remove the padding and then have the carpet re-stretched.  This is something you cannot do yourself.  You need a professional like Scott, to do the hard work.    It also takes special tools.

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