Fire Extinguishers Dayton OH

Fire Extinguishers in Dayton Ohio provided by Accurate.  Accurate is a full service company providing fire protection equipment in Dayton Ohio.  If you have a home or commercial business that needs fire protection equipment installed, this is the company.  They have fire sprinkler systems for outside and inside your facility.  They sell fire extinguishers, fire suppression equipment, fire hoses, fire hydrants, fire alarms, fire pumps, backflow preventers, fire emergency lights just to name a few.  They sell every type of fire protection equipment you need.  They pride themselves in be “Your-One-Stop-Shop.” This company has over 100 years of combined experience in the industry

They also provide, Audio Video Equipment, Alarm Systems, Security Cameras, CCTV, Kitchen Fire Suppression Equipment, and Home Theaters.  They provide services and equipment for residential and commercial clients.  Located in Dayton Ohio, serving surrounding cities including, Beavercreek, Cincinnati, Columbus, Springfield and Springboro, Ohio.

Fire Extinguishers Dayton Ohio and Fire Extinguisher Testing is available thru Accurate.   If you have a commercial business in Dayton or surrounding cities, you know that you need annual testing of your fire protection equipment.  Accurate can provide you with a monthly maintenance program that will keep you on track with the local government authorities.

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