Spanish Churches – Hesperia CA

There are several Spanish Churches  located in Hesperia California, but LaIglesia Oasis is by far the best.  This is a Spanish Language Website.  The Church provides both english and spanish services.  They offer many ministries which include, Youth Home Meetings, Men Reunions, Ladies Ministries, Evangelish, Sunday School, Radio Programs, Nursery – Cradle Service and Prison Ministries.  Pastor Jorge and Marie Navedo are the leaders of the church. La Iglesia 

spanish churchesThe Church also has a English Website.  Pastor Jorge and Maria Navedo started the Church in the early 1990’s.  They built it up from the beginning  it is now flourishing and growing.  The spanish church also has many ministries, including Bible College, Men’s Ministries, Youth Home Meetings, Men’s Reunion’s, Ladies Ministries,  Sunday School, Radio Programs and Prison Ministries.

Visit their websites for updates.