Norvo Body Sculpting


Norvo Body Sculpting – Personal Training Coach is the best way to accomplish that body you always dreamed about.  Dennis Smith is available to design a personal training package to keep you focused on obtaining your goals.

Norvo Body Sculpting is all about people and revealing the potential they didn’t realize was always there.  A personal trainer can help you realize your true potential in getting the body shape you desire.  Dennis Smith will design your training plan to include Strength Training, Mobility and Weight Loss.

Taking the first step is half the battle according to Dennis.  He understands that everyone may have some limitation and each case varies from case to case.  He has trained for over 25 years and his experience is the best.  He will help you get to those personal body goals.

Dennis Smith has lots of videos and photos of his clients working together to reach their body sculpting goals.  It is amazing to see so many women handling those heavy weights and doing it with a smile.  They love getting stronger and stronger.   

Dennis Smith is a Certified Trainer, experienced and ready to help you sculpt the body of your dreams. He has a wealth of personal insight, experience and proven results to get you on the right track.  He can also custom design meal plans for you.  These will be designed with the correct calorie and macronutrient goals for meals and snacks that are rotated between workout and non-workout days.  He is the best personal body trainer you need and will enjoy.

Norvo Body Sculpting – Located in Riverhead NY